Monday, November 10, 2014

Interview Feedback

What surprised me in the game industry when I moved to the West is the absolute absence of subj. I had done several interviews prior I joined Eidos, and in case it was not successful, nobody was giving any clue what was wrong. Even an HR would stop answering any emails.

It's hard for me to justify this. If you are afraid of legal issues - give a call instead of writing an email, same way as salary is usually discussed. It takes 5 minutes of your time - and it is nothing compared to the time you spent organizing and conduction the onsite.

It is especially crucial if you give a take-home test. Firstly, a candidate spends a weekend in implementing and polishing the assignment - so he/she deserves a small bit of your time being spent. Secondly, unlike onsite, he/she has absolutely no clue what he might have done wrong.

Game development companies are constantly complaining on how it is hard to get a qualified candidate, and that they need to pay significant ($15-30k) amount of money for headhunters and/or to relocate/make a visa for a candidate abroad. If you see a person is interested in gamedev/your company - why not explain him/her what are his/her weaknesses, so in 6 months or a year he/she studies and come better prepared next time? It costs virtually nothing.

P. S.
For the sake of justice, there are few companies that do give interview feedback, but the majority don't.

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